An artist and surface designer with a passion for textiles, writing poetry through patterns.
I like stories, long walks and nature. I enjoy observing the dance of lights and shadows
and the changes of the seasons.
I believe in the power of art, which is why I bring it into our everyday life.
I grew up surrounded by textiles and the creative projects of my mom and grandma.
I also liked to draw since I was little, and with the idea of textiles still in my mind, I began
to imagine that one day I would design T-shirt prints and so spread art and joy into our days. I decided to hold on to this dream and do everything for it. The journey was
not always easy, it represented a lot of determination and the will to learn new things
and not be afraid to experiment. 
Several years of study and practice have passed since my first dream, and today I not only make T-shirt prints, but I also prepare endlessly repeating patterns with use for textiles, wallpapers, stationery and other surfaces. And I'm ready to spread even more joy and art into the world than ever before.
I would also really like to know something about you. Connect with me on instagram or send me an email